Our Mission Statement

The Slater-Marietta Business Association is comprised of merchants in the surrounding areas of Slater and Marietta, SC and is located in the North Western section of Greenville County SC. Our mission is to form a coalition of interested parties to pool their resources to sponsor projects and programs that promote the economic, physical, and social prosperity of the Slater and Marietta Area of South Carolina.


A unified voice for the community of businesses is needed. Our objectives include an increase in Sheriff patrols to protect businesses, State Road improvements, beautification of main roads. suport the Swamp Rabbit Trail Expansion, and working to improve the lives of the children in the community through giving back. A unified voice for business needs in Greenville County can promote success in our area.

1. Work with Greenville County Sheriff's Department

2. Work with SCDOT

3. Beautification of the Main Roads, buildings and signs

4. Work with County Rec. to expand The Swamp Rabbit Trail

5. Giving back to the community

6. A unified voice for Business in Greenville County


Benefits to Businesses:

Improving the customer flow is good for business. Helping the area grow will help with crime and bring more services to the area. A group voice can help us present business needs to the representatives at the County and State level. A better, more beautiful Slater-Marietta Community means: the community and tourists will spend their money locally.

Slater and Marietta Business Association

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